Architecture Gstaad - A Chalet Architectural Style

Traditional chalet in the centre of Saanen.

Traditional chalet in the centre of Saanen.


As an architectural office in the heart of the historic centre of Saanen, we are proud to be able to make a valuable contribution to the architecture of Gstaad and Saanenland. By preserving tradition and bringing in modern influences, our architectural projects reflect uniqueness and respect for the history of the Saanenland.


The typical chalet style of the destination Gstaad gives the village a traditional charme. Since 1950s, a very stringent building regulations have applied to ensure that the typical character of the region is maintained. In addition to many originally preserved chalets, all new buildings must also comply with the architectural chalet style. Only wooden houses and panelling in this style are allowed in this region.


  • Historical Village of Saanen: The village of Saanen, the historical heart of the Saanenland, owes its unique character to the narrow streets lined with old timber houses. Tradition, a rich heritage of craftsmanship and the history of the village give Saanen its special charm.

  • Obersimmental Chalet Trail