Architecture Office Saanen, near Gstaad


Fend & Partner AG was founded in 2015 and is owned by two brothers, Andreas Fend & Raphael Fend. The company specializes in Architecture & Construction Management services. Our head office is located in Saanen, next to Gstaad.

The typical architecture in the region of Gstaad, Saanenland is generally classified as Chalet style. In our planning activities, we design and develop individual architectural projects for our clients. An intensive dialogue with the customer is essential, as understanding the individual and their needs is of central importance and value to our business.

We cover everything throughout the entire process; from the planning stage, all the way through to the execution, up to the final point of completion of a new construction or renovation of a private or commercial real estate development.

We aim to create high quality architecture, set appropriate and realistic budgets, plan the building procedure thoughtfully, as well as the supervising and careful tracking of the construction costs.